The Blue Jays of Life…

Birds at FeederSeeing all the blue jays hoarding the feeder just now got me to thinking about life. It doesn’t take much to get me to thinking these days. 🙂

About Life BannerWe feed over half a ton of sunflower seed annually in our backyard feeders. There is a big variety of birds that come and go. Cardinals are one of my favorites probably because of their bright color. I just seem to like bright colors at this time in my life. My “inferno orange” Chevy Sonic is a testimony to that.  Anyway, getting back on topic, at least once a day a large number of blue jays show up. When they come they drive all the others currently frequenting the feeder away. They take over the neighborhood. My wife tells me they do it with a lot of noise too.

Now to the “about life” portion of this post. I always like to see connections from one part of life to another and seeing those birds brought to mind the “blue jays of life”.  That is those people who move into a neighborhood and proceed to play their music too loud, leave their grass un-mowed, and generally be an annoyance in one form or another to everyone else. There is almost always one of those families in every neighborhood. In my younger years some of my neighbors probably considered me to be one.

To finish off this post I want to tell you that the picture here was taken in February. I was too lazy to drag out my camera this time so I pulled a pic from my archives.   So, no we don’t have snow in August in Indiana. 🙂



  1. I really enjoy feeding hummingbirds. I observe them like you do the bluejays. (I have to remind myself not to call them “my hummingbirds” ..Ha!”) There is always one dominant one that exerts all kind of energy keeping others away from both feeders. Even my grandson commented about how silly that was..if he would just share, they could all eat but as it was he wasn’t getting anything either. I look at that and am reminded of several people that would fit the dominant hummingbird status. Trying to keep all for themselves, not getting along with others and ending up not having friends or when they need something they have burned all their bridges. When this dominant bird isn’t there, there can sometimes be eight birds feeding harmoniously together.
    Sure is life lessons if we just watch nature. I am sure I am guilty of this at times perhaps. But it is amazing how silly it is when we see a bird doing it.

    By the way, I liked your picture…..glad it was an old one and not now in IN. The cold snowy weather looks so pretty in a picture:)


    • Hi Linda and welcome to the new RJsCorner. If you were connected to the old RJsCorner you need to reconnect to this new version.

      My wife also feeds our humming birds and we notice the same thing. There are four positions on the feeders but there are never four birds. They are constantly driving each other away. Yeah humming birds and blue jays…

      The weather here in Indiana is nice today but as usual mid-July to mid-August is a “stay indoors” time. I wouldn’t mind a snowflake or two to cool things off. 🙂

      Thanks for finding the new site….


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