Being a Radical… The Best of the Best…


This is the first post in a new category called “My Best of the Best List”. Over my life I have always been an avid read. I’m sure I have read thousands of books on many different topic. I have also traveled to all fifty States and to Canada and Mexico mainly with history in mind.

So, with this post I am starting my recommended reading/visiting list for your perusal.

MyScans168I thought I would start out with perhaps the one book that mostly influenced by current views of Christianity and those who claim to follow Jesus. I want to warn you up front that Shane is a radical. He actually takes the words of Jesus found in the Christian Bible to heart and lives them on a daily basis. More radically he wants to shock us into doing the same.

I have included here the back page of this book to give you an idea of how devoted he is in living out his life by the messages of Jesus.  If you are ready for a new view of being a Christian who practices what he preaches pick up a copy of this book. If you are not totally locked into your current views this book may change your life.   It is in the top ten of all the books I have ever read.

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