White Innocence..

Flowering Bush

There is a bush that we planted fifteen years ago that gives us twice annual beauty.  I don’t know what kind it is, that is my wife’s thing, but I do appreciate it very much. It continues to thrive even though it took a pickax to plant it in the very rocky soil…

2 thoughts on “White Innocence..

    1. Hi Jane.. I checked with my wife and yes it is a hydrangea. Good guess… this bush is huge.. it is about 10 ft tall and 8 ft in diameter.

      And I guess I was also wrong about the twice annually. We have three large bushes in a row along the fence and the one beside this one blooms in the spring while the hydrangea is blooming now. That just shows you how little I know about flowers and such. I appreciate the beauty but am ignorant on the names and such.


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