People Writing Songs That Voices Never Share…

About Life BannerI suspect some of you recognize the title words above but many,  especially the younger generations, don’t have a clue. These words come from one of my all-time favorite songs entitled The Sounds Of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. The song was popular in the 1960s and its message was typical of many folk songs during that era.   I keep a copy of the lyrics around to remind me of it.

To finish the verse including the title above:

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
No one dare
Disturb the sounds of silence

This verse and in fact many of the lyrics of this song have meant different things to me at different points in my life. Lately writing songs that voices never share teaches me something about this blog.  I really don’t fully understand why I spend so much time writing posts here. I guess I am kind of like Teddy Roosevelt who said he “must” write. Putting pen to paper so to speak is in my blood. With that obsessive urge in mind it really shouldn’t matter if voices never share my words or not, I must write them.

2015-09-02_18-38-48But then my thoughts also drift to legacies. It seems I often get depressed because I don’t see any personal legacy that I am leaving for all my years on this earth.  Many can rationalize that since they have off-springs their legacy might come when a future generation might eventually do great things.  Lincoln’s great-grandfather was not a person of renown but if he had not had offsprings we would not have Lincoln.  I don’t have that possibility to fall back on even if it is for the most part irrational.  My legacy is what “I” make it to be.

I spent thirty years of my life entwined in the corporate world and looking back there is almost nothing I did there that really matters even now. Everything I helped invent has been long ago forgotten.  Technology just moves too fast to allow any lasting legacy in that venue. I leave nothing from my corporate life as my legacy. After I retired I spent 11 joyful years volunteering some serious hours and contributing a significant amount of the resources in a soup kitchen to “give back” for all the years I didn’t participate much. That time ended this year due to personal physical conditions.

I have come to realize that my blog here at RJ’s Corner might just be a significant part of my legacy. It now has over 2500 posts and more will come if the good Lords allow me to write them. If nothing else maybe the mistakes I have made in my life just might teach some to avoid them in their lives.

They say what goes on the Internet stays on the Internet. Maybe someone in the future will happen across some of my words and just learn a little something from them.  In the mean time I am trying my darndest to stop fretting about visitor counts and concentrate on writing things that matter to me..

I am that wise guy…     TWiG 1