The Ultimate Hype…

Not being a sports fan in any regard it is amazing to me how so many seem to blindly follow the superstar sports jocks in this country. I guess he is becoming very “old-school” now but Micheal Jordan was probably the epitome of this trend. I know Mr. Jordan was a basketball player for some professional team and I guess he was very good at putting a ball through a hoop suspended ten feet in the air.  As a result he is now probably a billionaire.

Before he pierced his ears and put in ear rings no man, especially a manly man would ever have considered wearing ear rings.  Mr. Jordan, like many of us, was genetically predisposed to baldness so when he started losing his hair and decided to just cut it all off, suddenly millions followed suit whether they still had a full head of hair or not.  It is amazing to me just how sheepish we are when it comes to our sports figures. We claim to be a nation of free-thinker but these trends seem to say something quite different.

I don’t know how long ago Mr. Jordan retired but he is still a dominant figure in today’s marketing schemes and none as glaring as Hanes underwear.  I’m sure he has a multi-million dollar annual contract with that company.  Of course we know that every manufacturer is constantly looking for that “edge” that will allow them to dominate their industry.  Hanes has chosen Micheal Jordan and a rather idiotic scheme called tagless underwear as their big advantage.

2015-09-04_16-17-14The story goes something like this.  You are out with a really hot date and suddenly your T-shirt label comes loose. If your date sees it she will likely scream and run off in a panic. But Micheal Jordan is there to save the day. He pulls off the label and throws it away before your date freaks out. He then tells you to get underwear that don’t have the dreaded labels attached.  Of course you have to rush to the store and get an abundant supply of “tagless” underwear.  Even with the fast-forward capabilities of TIVO I have seen this commercial hundreds of time.

I accidentally bought three pairs of boxer shorts from Hanes and came to discover that labels actually do serve a valuable purpose. Without a label it is difficult to quickly determine which is the front and which is the back of undershorts especially when you put them on in a semi-sleep mode.More times than I care to remember I put them on backwards. No, they didn’t stay that way. I might be old but I am not senile. 🙂  I need those labels that Micheal tells me to get rid of. So now when I buy underwear I take a second look to make sure they are not Hanes…

Actors and Athletes seem to somehow have a trance over so many in the country. I just don’t understand why they blindly follow their every move.  Maybe we are a nation of sheep after all.