Some Evangelicals Seem Oblivious To Their Church’s History…

2015-09-10_07-54-15Both Cruz and Huckabee have branded the action against Davis as “judicial tyranny,” tapping into a surge of public support for a figure presented as an outspoken Christian jailed for her beliefs. – ‘Not a leg to stand on’ – But their stance is a thorny one for Republican presidential candidates who, if elected, must swear to uphold the US constitution…..

“It [this story] poisons the brand, and I think we’re already seeing Republicans as a group starting to back away.”

Source: Martyr or lawbreaker? Kim Davis case roils Republicans – Yahoo News

This is old news now so I guess its time for me to step in.  I shutter when I think that once again stories like this are supposed to represent those who follow Jesus Christ.  Kim Davis is simply confused on so many levels. She took and oath to uphold the duties of her office and then blatantly refuses to do so.  By doing that she  seemingly wants to force her religious beliefs on others.

The early Christians took a completely different stand  when their jobs conflicted with their beliefs.  For the first several hundred years of Christianity, that is before King Constantine hijacked it, being a Christian meant you were to actively live out your faith. For instance if you were a Roman soldier and you wanted to become a Christian you were required to find a different job.  If you had other similar jobs that conflicted with the teachings of Jesus you had to leave them. It was as simple at that.

By refusing to do the sworn duties of her office Ms. Davis is  by de facto trying to force her view of God on others who don’t share them. This is not exclusively a Christian thing, it seems to be endemic of most religions today. Each so adamantly believe that they are the only ones who truly know God and his wishes therefore it is their duty to get others, by force if necessary, to believe of their brand of religion.  When we come to accept that none of the thousands of belief systems around today have a total lock on spiritual truth we will realize that each of these thousands have a right to believe what they want but they don’t have a right to force their beliefs on the rest of us.

Here is s snippet from Facebook that illustrates this problem.


Slippery slope indeed.  I can see the millions of variations of this theme.  Believe what you want, that is your right, but don’t try to “force” others to believe it too.

If Kim Davis had really wanted to be true to her Christian roots she would have said “My spiritual beliefs no longer allow me to fufill the duties of my office so I therefore resign.” But if she had done that she would not have had her fifteen  minutes of fame she seemed to so much seek…