Now That I Notice It…


I don’t know when it first caught my attention but since then I have seen it again and again.

It seems that whenever you get a conservative and a progressive across the table from each other with a moderator in between the same thing happens.  When it is his turn the conservative spends as long a time as the moderator will allow giving his opinions about whatever the topic at hand is.  The progressive sits by waiting for his turn. When it is his turn he gets no more that a couple of words out of his mouth before the conservative interrupts him.

I don’t know but I kinda think that if the moderator doesn’t chime in, and they almost never do, then we need to play the same game and interrupt them as soon as they start. I know that will do nothing to promote a dialog but constantly getting shouted down doesn’t do us any good either.  We progressives need a bigger horn.  The real answer is for the moderator to, well moderate but I don’t think they do that because they know that conflict is what generates viewership and they now live and die by viewership.

Some how or another we need to insist that people stop interrupting and start listening.  Nothing can be accomplished until that happens…..