About Marriage and Divorce from a Christian Perspective…

2015-09-25_11-00-13But lost in the uproar are the voices of Christians, some equally conservative, who disagree with Davis’ stance and worry that holding her out as a martyr will ultimately hurt the cause of religious liberty….

Brenda Wynn, the clerk of Davidson County in Nashville, looks to Romans 13:1 for guidance: “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.”

“I’m obliged to follow the law of the land,” Wynn said. “I love the Lord, but I must follow the law.”

Source: Kentucky clerk case divides religious liberty advocates – Yahoo News


The bible I read shows Jesus to be anything but “conservative”. He was a radical in his times. He often went head-to-head with others especially those religious leaders who were using wrong-headed principles  in their religious teachings. He simply had no patience for those who got God wrong. One of my favorite books on this topic is by Shane Claiborne entitled “The Irresistible Revolution”. It clearly demonstrates that Jesus was a radical of his times.

One of the good things about the bible is that you can find words there that ease your pain and give you direction.  One of the bad things about the bible is that you can find words there to seemingly back up whatever belief you might have about many topics.

Why is a legal license to marry being so opposed by “conservative” Christians and not the legal document in divorce that allows marriages to end? Don’t Christians say that “what God has put together let no man separate”? If Ms Davis follows her version of religion isn’t divorce just as wrong as homosexual marriage outside the church?  Others call Catholics who don’t strictly follow all the church’s doctrine “cafeteria Catholics” but doesn’t this apply across the Christian spectrum.  Don’t all of us who align and practice only selected items found in their religious documents? In reality Christians get divorced at a slightly higher rate than the general population. Why aren’t the evangelicals screaming about that?


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