Unrealized Dreams…

Creativity BannerAre unrealized dreams a joy or a pain?  The answer to that question is based on your perception2015-10-04_09-43-33s of life.  Many would say that unrealized dreams create agony in that they get our hopes up and then dash them on the rocks.  If you take the attitude of “It’s not the destination but the journey” seriously then the pleasure of the process of dreaming should be joyful onto itself.

I have always been a  dreamer, both at night and day but my favorite time is sitting in the dark looking at the stars above me.  There is just something about that scene that increases the magnitude of the dreams. My wife is someone who just likes to let things happen as she says. I, like most everything about us, am the opposite especially when it come to vacations. I like to thoroughly research where we will be going so that I am prepared to enjoy the new experiences I will be having.  No I don’t have to plan every moment and therefore miss some serendipity times but I like to be prepared.

Just dreaming about what I will see and how I will enjoy it, is almost as good as the events themselves. Of course the old saying “things are never as bad as you imagined or as good as you hope” so sometimes the dreaming part actually exceeds reality.  And then there are times when I dream about things that I know I will never realize. Just dreaming about how it might be is for me a joy in itself.

One of those things has been a trip to Disney World.  It is one of the few things on my bucket list and my wife has adamantly refused that possibility.  She is not a dreamer as I am so sees that place as something for kids, not old people.  That is until recently. When I once again mentioned a trip to Disney world she finally said “ok, let’s do that.”  Yeah I too see Disney World is for kids but who says kids can’t be in their 70s?

I just want to go to a place where it is the normal to dream. A place where I can leave the rest of the world behind and just dream for a few days. I see Disney World as that place. So, here I am in the “trip planning dream mode”. I want to make sure I take in the whole place during my visit.  We were there thirteen years ago but only for a short day at Epcot. I want to do the whole thing this time around. I will probably spend weeks just trying to decide which resort to stay at.  As often is the case the dreams are often greater than reality but that is ok. The dreams and the trip itself is for me part of the same destination.

So, now I have something to help me get through  this dreary upcoming winter season where I hunker down and wait for Spring.  For those of us whose glass is half full dreaming fills it to the brim. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unrealized Dreams…

  1. RJ, your posts are very often exactly what I am feeling at the moment. I like this one, but I think I’ll take a pass on Disney. Have fun. Both in your planning and the trip.


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