uRV And Lake Patoka…

I have talked several times about my micro-RV (uRV) that I spent three years fabricating.  This post will be the first pictures of it. These were taken on the third shakedown trip to Lake Patoka in southern Indiana.  The cap on the back was purchased when I had my custom furniture making business. It was used to deliver my creations throughout the Midwest. It sat on a concrete pad for five years after the business was closed and then resurrected to give me something to do during my boredom times.

I was inspired to make uRV by the John Steinbeck book Travels with Charley: In Search of America . Steinbeck is one of my favorite authors and in the early 1960s he took a similar vehicle called Rocinante on a road trip around the U.S.  I have always dreamed of doing that in at least a limited way.

The inside (pictures of that later) is a cozy 35 square foot floor and has a 67 inch height which is just right for my now shrunken frame. I was once 5’10” but compression fractures and osteoporosis lessened that height considerably. But that is a story for another time. The night was chilly (lower 40s) but the small portable heater was more than enough to keep the inside comfy.

Below are some outside pictures of uRV showing all the stickers I have collected to date.  The back is my “attitude” wall where I give opinions about life.  The sides are about  inspiring saying and places I have visited over the years (but not necessarily in uRV).

Lake Patoka is primarily a fishing lake that looks kind of like a spider with many legs. It has a huge campground that is mostly empty this time of year.  RV camping is a new thing for me but even after my third time I am getting hooked on it. My three trips to date have  been overnighters but hopefully next Spring I will be spending a few multi-day trips in Indiana and surrounding States. My wife is not a camper so I do this by myself; it is the “alone” time that all of us need once in a while.

Here are the pictures. Click on any one of them to see the larger gallery:


6 thoughts on “uRV And Lake Patoka…

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of freedom on the road. One of the best things about an RV (or a uRV) is you always have your own things with you; pillow, books, clothes, and stickers!


  2. Moving from hotel to hotel gets very tiring to me on our trips. Having my own pillows, blankets, and such are a nice change. Yeah, I got lots of stickers and more to come. Thanks for the thoughts Bob


  3. Looks perfect for “one” camper … compact and simple. Enjoy your trips and solitude, I would guess that would be refreshing and invigorating. I know I do my best work and thinking when I am alone (which isn’t often enough 🙂 )


    1. Thanks for the words Jane. My wife is a night person and I am a morning person. So, she has her “alone” time between 11pm-2am and I have mine between 6am-9am. But getting away overnight is a new thing for me in my retirement years. It is indeed invigorating and refreshing…


  4. I have just resigned from (quite possibly) my last job. DH has been retired for five years. One of the biggest concerns I have is finding time alone. He has a sailboat that he spends a fair amount of time on in the summer, but he’s decided (after falling into the lake this summer for the first time in his life and losing his cell phone and tri-focals…$$$…in the process) it’s time to sell it. Your solution sounds really practical and, as you mention above, having your own “stuff” is nice!

    Having travelled extensively in S. Indiana for my job, I have often driven by signs for Lake Patoka. Nice to see it and your other pics.



    1. I retired from the corporate world 15 years ago and closed down my custom furniture business nine years ago so I have been in the full retirement mode for some time now. Yes, having personal time alone from your spouse is important. When I retired we went from being around each other for 5 hours a day to 24/7 almost. In that mode you just gotta get away once in a while for a little “Waldon Pond” time.

      The last time I was at Lake Patoka was before I was married and over thirty years ago. In some ways it really hasn’t changed that much. Still a very peaceful quiet place when the fish are out of season.


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