Obama’s Neocon Critics…

It’s an incantation repeated among Obama’s neocon critics: the Iraq surge worked; things were going swimmingly until we withdrew; the same thing will happen in Afghanistan if we pull out completely.

Let’s assume it’s true, that we could keep peace and order in these countries if we kept tens of thousands of troops (or more) on the ground.

Here’s my question: Why on Earth would we do such a thing? How does it serve American interests to spend vast quantities of blood and treasure serving as a national police force for countries on the other side of the globe with no end in sight?

These are the questions that we must keep in mind as we assess Obama’s foreign policy.

It’s easy to say we should have done “something” in Syria three years ago. That “something” usually means helping supposedly moderate rebels to overthrow Assad and form a decent, democratic government. Sounds lovely. Except for the fact that everything we’ve learned since 2001 tells us that it wouldn’t have gone like that at all.

Overthrow Assad and the place will tear itself apart even more thoroughly than it already has.

Source: Putin isn’t humiliating Obama in Syria. He’s doing the U.S. a favor.

MyScans167I am very much a peacenik. I think war is absolutely the last thing we should try in tackling almost every problem.  So, when I hear the latest version of neocons wanting to race to yet another war as a solution for everything it turns my stomach.  I agree with my Quaker friends War is Not the Answer. Especially when we have no idea of what to do after we have defeated the bad guys. Most often than not they are just replaced by other bad guys who are sometimes even worse.  The answer in Syria, like it should have been in Iraq and most other middle eastern countries, is to just let it work its own way out. Don’t butt in with our great wisdom when we obviously don’t have any. There has not been a war in my lifetime that had even a remote semblence of what we thought would come out of it.

When Biden suggested that if we MUST invade Iraq we should then turn it into three different countries: Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish.  That might not have totally solved the problem but we certainly would have been better off if we had taken Joe’s advice than to rush in with our unbaked ideas of forming a democracy in that part of the world that has no conception of what a democracy is.

These new neocons seem to be ready to jump into war as a solution to everything. They never see a conflict that they don’t want to take over or a military budget that they don’t want to increase. Is this what the USA is all about now or is this just another fringe wing-nut group asserting themselves on the rest of us? I just don’t know.

Simply stated we just don’t need to be the policemen of the world. We are just not very good at it in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Neocon Critics…

  1. War is about money. Always has been. Numerous companies stand to make fortunes if the USA can be kept in a continuous war mode. They have high dollar lobbyists. The people serving in the military and the taxpayers picking up the tab have none. Here are a couple of suggestions that might make it less likely for us to go to war. Reinstate the draft. Almost no exceptions if your number is called. No student, family, flat feet or my daddy is a senator deferments. Right now most of us have no stake in going to war. If we go to war we also draft companies that make the war supplies. They do what they are told and are only allowed a few percent of profit above cost. If caught cheating they forfeit the entire company to Uncle Sam. I know this will never happen. There is no profit in these suggestions.


    1. Interesting solution you got there W Copeland. Money seems to drive just about everything in our capitalist society today. Something has got to change in that regard. I just don’t understand how there are so many who are straight line GOP when they are on their way to the poor house? We still have one person/one vote and that gives each of us a equal say in how our government operates. If only we could get people to realize that fact more power would be with the people instead of the 1% monied interest. It’s easy to change things if we can just get the low-info voters to think about how they are voting….


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