I’m Being Picked On….

Carson insists no other candidate has received the level of scrutiny that he has. Asked on NBC whether he is getting more than President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, Carson replied: “Not like this. Not even close.”Scrutiny of his past is par for any major candidate for president, not only Carson. Obama’s citizenship was questioned and he later released a birth certificate showing that he was born in Hawaii.

Clinton’s marital dalliances were probed during his 1992 campaign. The Miami Herald staked out then-Sen. Gary Hart’s townhouse in 1987 and caught him in an extramarital affair.

Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, last month testified about the private email server she kept at her house and used for government business while she was secretary of state.

Carson is a newcomer to presidential politics, so much about his life, career and published works are being raked over for the first time, and his longtime status as an American success story examined. Carson strongly disputed that there was any dishonesty intended.

Source: Ben Carson Says Questions on Autobiography Aren’t ‘Real’ Scandals | TIME

Poor Ben, he is being picked on!! They are taking things from his autobiographies and showing that they are not really true to fact.  Poor Ben, I’ll bet he thinks this is the first time a candidate with little or no previous public service record running for president has ever been “attacked”.

I think he kind of forgets what Obama went through eight years ago from the GOP. He forgets all the racist pictures and the just below the surface racial slurs. He forgets the “birthers” who said he wasn’t like them and he wasn’t even an American.  And then there was the Jeremiah Wright thing attacking his beliefs in God!  If you can’t even remember eight years ago how do we know what you really know?

Why don’t they, meaning the “liberal” media, just take his word for all that he claims happened in his life? Why are they picking on him!!!

OK, now lets get down to a little more serious discussion of this issue.  Ben Carson is certainly to be congratulated for pulling himself out of the Detroit ghetto and becoming a well known surgeon but that doesn’t in itself give him a free pass on running for president.  Most of the others running, except for Carly and Donald, have a publicly known track record of how they might perform in the highest office in the world.  All we really know about Ben is that he has very steady hands and seems to have a calm demeanor.  Is that enough or should we do what we can to determine  more about his character and how he might handle the thousands of emergencies while in the Oval office?

2015-11-09_12-03-47The one thing I have found about him is that he  just seems to be too prone to conspiracy theories and other wacko things.

  • how Obama will suspend the 2016 elections and declare himself an autocrat.
  • how Obamacare, which give affordable healthcare to millions,  is the worst thing since slavery.
  • and then there is the Nazi comparison.

A Will Rogers quote come to mind when I think about you Ben.

You know everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects

I know you are good at prodding and carving up brains  Ben but do you know anything about running a country? From all your words to date I just can’t even begin to figure that out…. but leave it up to so many of the GOP base who want to make him president and just take their chances…. not if I, and I hope a lot of others, have anything to say about it…

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