Streaks Of Inspiration…


I embrace change, it is what keeps life interesting and challenging for me.  To that end I am adding yet another subcategory to RJsCorner. It is called “Streaks Of Inspiration” 2015-11-22_11-41-25and is found under the”About Life” category header above. I am approaching almost 3,000 posts here. Most are about my observations of daily life around this planet earth. But then there are some where an idea hit me almost like a streak of lighting. It suddenly appeared in my consciousness, often when I am in the show and allow myself to fully contemplate life. 🙂

Many of the posts that will be assigned to this new subcategory will be  personal insights but I will also include those from others that gave me an “aha” moment of pause. If I have gleaned any deep wisdom from my seven decades on this earth it will be reflected in this subcategory.

Being a wordsmith I take the choosing of the most appropriate words seriously, especially my category names. Lets look the origin of the “Streaks of Inspiration” title:

One of the definitions of “streak” is a sudden flash (as of lightning). That seems to be the main mode of inspiration for me. It comes as a sudden flash across my consciousness. It’s there and if I don’t grab on to it, it is quickly gone.  I think all of us have these types of flashes but sadly just let them flee back into the far reaches of our brain.

2015-11-22_10-10-29On to the word Inspiration. I love all six definitions of the word to the right. Each applies to one part of life’s circumstances. Inspiration is about creativity of which I strive for on a daily basis. I believe creativity only sprouts if you nurture it carefully.

A sudden intuition as part of solving a problem. This has always been a biggie to me even in my professional career. The best solutions to problems have always been in almost instantaneous flashes. I could find myself searching for hours only to find the best answer come in a sudden flash.

Inspiration in the theology mode is often the hardest to accept, especially if it goes against your current mindset. But I kind of think those types of inspirations is just God tweaking me with further understanding.

Arousing emotions – This one comes from external inspirations more so than any internal process. We come across just the right words to get us very emotional about something in our lives.  One of those sayings for me is:

“I don’t regret the things I’ve done, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.” – Unknown

These words remind me that I must grab opportunities when they are presented to me. Otherwise they are usually regrets later and I just don’t have a lot of “later” left in me.

That’s enough introduction for this new subcategory.  In the coming weeks I will be browsing through my previous posts to tag them for this topic. I will also be posting some new ones as they occur.

We all have Streaks of Inspiration.  I would love to hear some of your.

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