About Those Refugees…

2015-11-21_07-34-12I don’t know which GOP rally the picture to the right was from but I know it was from one of them. This guy is seen to represent the supposed base of the GOP. (Why do all those guys holding signs like this one look the same?) They seem to be deathly afraid of someone, anyone, getting something they don’t deserve.  In that regard they just seem to hate the refugees almost as much as ISIS. When I say “supposed base” it is not without an underlying feeling. Outside of Fox News I don’t see much of the phobia happening. I, and especially the media, have been using the term “GOP base” for almost everything that is wrong with this country.  I kind of get the feeling that like the term “Evangelical voters” the “GOP base” has been hijacked by the extreme elements of our society. Those who just hate everything, especially anything to do with change.  I suspect, or at least I hope, that the  majority of those who wear the GOP label are compassionate people who recognize and even empathize with those fleeing war on that side of the world. But what saddens me is that no one in that majority seems to want to speak up for their side of conservatism. Without  at least some opposition the radicals own the word “base”.

Stepping back and looking at it from a wider perspective Syria which is the de-facto home base for ISIS is a unique problem for the world  I can certainly see why so many are reluctant to get involved there. It is complicated to be against both sides of a civil war. Neither the Assad government nor those fighting against it are to be trusted. They both have political agendas that are out of sync with moral values of a major part of the world.

How can you take a stand when neither side of a conflict supports a valid answer? Some are talking about a “No Fly” zone but that kind of losses meaning when ISIS has no airplanes. If we just renamed that concept to a “sanctuary zone” maybe it would fly (pun intended). It would be a place for all the refugees to go to get away from war.  If this sanctuary zone were implemented by the U.S. it would not have strength that it would have if the United Nations, or at least a broad coalition of countries in the area were to do it . Why do we have to go to the other side of the world to solve problems that are totally solvable by local factions?

Another problem with U.S. involvement in Syria is that we as a citizenry are just exhausted with the wars pushed on us for 14 years now. We have spent thousands of our young people’s lives in conflicts which seem to have no viable solutions. Why would Syria be any different? We have already spent $4 trillion on wars this short century with no way to pay for them.  How can we keep doing it and not go bankrupt in the process? We simply can’t keep stripping away layers of our national safety net and put it into our war machines…. that is simply NO solution…


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