Inequality as a Religious Test

But if you believe that every human being is made in the image of God — imago dei; if you believe that every individual person represented in economic statistics is a child of God; if you believe that in nearly all religious traditions, loving your neighbor as you love yourself follows directly after loving God; and if you believe, regardless of your conception of God, that human beings are all brothers and sisters tied together, then income inequality is a spiritual issue, a moral issue, and a religious test of our belief.

Source: Inequality as a Religious Test | Sojourners

I totally align with the words above, income inequality should be a basic concern of all those who proclaim to be children of God. I simply can’t see how it could be otherwise.  So, why are the most visible “evangelicals” so against that concept? First things first, I think that the very term evangelical has been kidnapped by a very small slice of the children of God for their own agenda.

Too many of the self-proclaimed evangelicals today are really political vultures who are mainly interested in themselves FIRST and foremost.  They have little interest in anyone outside of themselves and those who huddle together with them against the big bad world out there.  To them everyone who is poor or downtrodden are themselves to blame for their condition. They think that they just don’t have the initiative to help themselves. In other words they deserve what they got.  It seems these supposed evangelicals most avid fear is someone getting something that “they don’t deserve”!  How can this description be called evangelicals???

It doesn’t take much to claim a Christian label these days.  Almost a century ago the KKK self proclaimed they were Christian.  They even use a cross as their symbol.  The most critical problem with this scenario is that the true evangelicals timidly sit back and let the hate mongers claim their identity. Their lack of action taints and even destroys the “E” name for too many of us. Another thing that destroys the Christian label are those few who preach these words and thoughts from their pulpits!!  If the true evangelicals want to proclaim a war they couldn’t do much better than to fight against those who kidnapped their identity!

As the article above states being a Christian is all about caring for others, not yourself. It’s about time that we who are followers of Jesus Christ did more of that….

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