ISIS and the KKK… Whose Responsibility??

Is ISIL a Muslim Organization?

Is the KKK a Christian Organization?

The first question came up during a recent Obama press conference in Turkey after the Paris terrorist attacks.  Yeah, I watched the entire thing. President Obama sure can talk 🙂    At near the end of the 50 minutes or so of questions he made the comment that one thing the mainstream Muslim community needs to do much more of is to try to understand what it is about the way they currently practice their religion that allows so many follower to take a radical path?( I wish I had his exact words about that but can’t yet find them.)

2015-11-16_12-50-06Mainstream Islam needs to do whatever it has to convince their youth that killing innocents is not what Allah wants.

Why aren’t they doing a better job of that?

Why aren’t they more vocal?

But then again I look back at recent history, recent for at least a old guy like me, and I remember  how the mainstream Christian community for the most part sat silent in the 1960s  while the KKK went about burning churches and lynching people only because of the color of their skin!  What is it about how we practice Christianity that allows so many Christians to take such a radical path in the name of their religion?

2015-11-16_11-47-38The KKK started in South Carolina and Tennessee in 1868 soon after the Civil War. In 1920 they had more than 220 chapters with hundreds of members in each chapter.  Even today they have 5,000+ members.  Is the KKK a Christian organization? They certainly claim to be:

We are a Christian organization,” Frank Ancona, the imperial wizard of the Traditional American Knights of the KKK, told NBC 12, distancing himself from the Klan’s violent history, asserting that he is seeking to “set the record straight.”

Source: KKK Leader: ‘We’re a Christian Organization;’ Claims the Klan Is Not a Hate Group

Why in their 150 year history has the mainstream Christian community allowed so many of their member to be brainwashed into thinking that racial hate is ordained by Jesus?

Yes, I realize that for the most part the KKK only murdered people one at a time or in small groups while ISIS just killed more than a 100 in their most recent attack.

By putting up this second scenario I am not trying to relieve  Muslim groups of their responsibility but instead it is intended to show that other religions have not done a good job of handling their radical fringes either. What is it about religions that keep them on the sidelines to often? I don’t know but I wish someone would finally break that trend. Maybe our muslim brothers will finally step up to the task. I certainly hope so…

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