If Only In My Dreams…

2015-12-11_10-28-54 Let’s spend the next couple of days forgetting about our political situation and look exclusively at other things….

I know I am probably showing my age here but when I thought of the phrase in the title above I thought of Bing Crosby’s 1943 song about soldiers in WWII dreaming of Christmas. But when I put the phrase to Wiki I discovered that it now has multiple references. Aside from that this post is actually about the contents of personal dreams and how they let me live out an alternate life. Yeah, this is a Walter Mitty type post.  🙂

I will tell you up front that the origin of this post was a very vivid dream I had last night. I was fortunate enough to wake up during this REM period so the dream did not quickly vanish as so many seem to do.  I am not going to give you many details of the dream but am instead using it to point to a more philosophical level.

I have been deaf for almost 30 years now but very few of my dreams includes that condition. I am also old but I never seem to have any dreams of the aches and pains of my now daily life. Instead I dream of the perfect me doing and accomplishing things that I never did in my non-dream world.  In that mode dreams seem to me to be a pleasant way to live an alternate reality that was unaccomplished in real life.

Don’t get me wrong, I like most of you I image, have my weird dreams. One of my frequent topics is being lost. I seem to go back scores of years and dream that I can’t find my way. I guess that should tell me something about myself but I really don’t care to analyze that in any detail. I also have frequent dreams of being able to levitate. I can just float wherever I want in some of my dreams.  Of course,I have some dark dreams that I am thankful for quickly forgetting.

But it is the good ones that I try to remember. They are often spurred by something I encountered in the previous day.  Something I wish had happened but didn’t because of some anomaly in my personality.  I was a very shy kid for many years but that is totally overcome in my dreams.

I have always had vivid day dreams as well. They are fleeting thoughts and images of what an alter-ego might accomplish.  I live a different life

If only in my dreams….

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all make it home for Christmas. If only…


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