As If We Didn’t Have Enough To Fear…


If strong enough, the storm of electrons and other charged particles from an EMP could disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field, disable satellites and the internet, ground all commercial aviation, silence telecommunications, and fry much of the electrical grid — catapulting our society back to the 19th century for months or years.

Peter Pry, executive director of the federal EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, told Congress this year that a major EMP could cause widespread “starvation, disease, and societal collapse” that could lead to the deaths of tens of millions of people. The Obama administration recently released a multiagency battle plan to study and defend against what many scientists consider the most likely source of EMPs: solar storms, which Bill Murtagh of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy calls “a real and present danger.”

SOURCE:  The deadly threat of a solar superstorm.

Having training in electrical engineering I have known about EMPs for quite some time and their possible impact on the world. According to this article the last solar super-storm with a massive EMP occurred in 1859 long before we had microchips.

I guess we need to add this one to our overgrowing list of fears for today.

2 thoughts on “As If We Didn’t Have Enough To Fear…

  • City people may have to hang with their cousins on the farm, but I cannot see tens of millions people dying. People would adapt and change. It is possible to live without electricity, I think. Don’t you?


  • Hi Jan, it is worse than just electricity. It is about money as all your bank account info would disappear. Its about medical as all the machines we use for that would be destroyed. Its about basic communications as all of that would be disabled. It is even about gasoline as all pumps are computer controlled. Its about only cars made before 1980 would function. Everything else would be lawn ornaments…

    Basically nothing we depend on to survive. Scary isn’t it. BUT… we really don’t know just how powerful an EMP would would have to be to destroy circuitry. There was no equipment around to even measure the one in 1895 so all this is just theoretical speculation but still a possibility…


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