El Nino… Climate Change…

2015-12-28_12-22-05.pngCall it what you want but I kind of wonder what all the deniers are saying about this winter season? Certainly they can’t deny that things are much different this year than last. Tornadoes in December are just not normal and neither are blizzards in the south and balmy weather in the north.

When we visited the Southwest last April I simply fell in love with the area and  dream of spending my final years there. As a result of my deafness I have a condition where my balance is tenuous at best so ice is a deadly enemy to me. I have had two severe falls since my retirement, both resulting in  broken ribs and back compression fractures. I dream of a time where I don’t have to worry about that sort of thing. But since my wife simply loves snow and wouldn’t think of living without it,  I only have dreams right now.

This was our second trip the New Mexico and we spent almost a week of it in Santa Fe. I loved the place and even found a continuous care retirement facility (CCRC) called El Castillo that might end up being my home some day. Santa Fe is located about 7,000 feet above sea level and being so is cooler than most of the areas around it during the summer but I didn’t have much of an idea about winter so I have been tracking it for this season.

So far the winter there is much more frigid there than here in southern Indiana. It is on average about  12 degrees cooler and where my current home has had only one inch of snow so far Santa Fe has had almost eight inches!  Will I be going from bad to worse with the ice situation?  With El Nino disrupting everything I kind of think the weather there is just out of sync.

Getting back to climate change I guess I can’t really predict what the circumstances will be in future years. Who knows?? But I do know that things will only get worse the longer we allow the deniers to hold us back from substantial changes to our carbon footprint. It just makes sense to me that it is time to move from one hundred year old carbon based energy sources to something more sustainable. It is time for us to force those who live mainly in the past into the 21st century.