Winter Cardinals in the Old Apple Tree

Winter Cardinals-2.jpg

I never tire of taking more pictures of the winter cardinals in the old apple tree in our backyard. As always they are gobbling up the sunflower seeds at our feeder after the recent winter storm.

Click on the image to see a larger version…

3 thoughts on “Winter Cardinals in the Old Apple Tree

    1. We live in the middle of a forested valley with many many trees and feed about 100 lbs of sunflower and other seeds a month during the winter so see lots of cardinals. Especially after a snow. I keep my camera on a tripod by the window to snap pics.

      Oops, I forget to link the source file to the pic. Just did it, so if you click on the image a larger one will come up on your new iMac 🙂


  1. That’s a stunning photo, simple and powerful. Besides, anything with a cardinal in it attracts my attention as my favorite football team moves towards a possible Superbowl slot!


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