I Just Wish I Knew What I Am Supposed To Do..

2016-01-30_11-26-38.pngI just heard the words in the title of this post in the movie “Matrix Reloaded”. I hear some of you probably saying “you watch that type of stuff???”.  I realize the Matrix movies have a bad rap from the conservative community because it is waaaay out there but to me its symbolism is awesome and I do like SciFi movies.

Getting back to the topic, some versions of religions including  quite a few Christian sects believe that God controls everything in the minutest detail, including every breath we take and every thought we have.  I guess that idea is comforting to some but not me. Maybe they are perfectly happy to think of themselves as puppets whose strings are pulled by a deity beyond their understanding. But I think that stand is just laziness on their part. They just don’t want to be responsible for how their lives turn out. They would rather put that in God’s lap.

If the statement “I just wish I knew what I am supposed to do” pushed us into a mode of deep reflection that would be something else. I think one of the things seriously missing in our American culture is determination in finding our path in life. Often times we don’t ask the serious questions until it is almost too late.   I believe that God puts in each of us a passion and reason for existing on this earth.  He leaves it is up to us and those who mentor us uncover what that passion might be and then to do everything necessary to make it happen.

2016-01-30_11-27-01.png I personally think, at least on some levels, my life has been an example of how not to do things. I went to school in a small rural community in the 1950s and 60s where guidance counselors and mentors were for the most part non-existent.  Most of my teachers were fresh out of college and only doing a couple of years at our little school before they went on the the bigger cities for more money. Many, due to the lack of life experiences, were just not able to help me with my life questions. Since my father was a single parent and a very stoic man I got little guidance from him. I was pretty much left on my own with the question of “what am I supposed to do?” and that question is really beyond most kid’s abilities without some wise guidance.  It would be years before I was able to answer the question and by then I didn’t have the courage to change life tracts so dramatically.

Fortunately kids today can at least investigate many different possibilities of life via the Internet and other readily available sources.  That type of info is WAY beyond anything that was available to my generation.

I hope that teachers today, at least many of them, try to help their students address this question early enough in life. We should all discover what God put us on the earth to do…