The Jock vs Nerds…. And The Nerds Won…


This is going to be one of my silly posts but with a foundation of seriousness. I know when I was in high school many years ago there was a clique system revolving around high school sports and physical prowess.  There were the jocks and then everyone else. The intellectuals just didn’t have much respect, especially among the girls. I was definitely in the nerd category even if it wasn’t defined as such back then. But then we nerds did have our own group even if it was not popular among the high school population as a whole.

I wonder if this has changed much in the 21st century? Do the jocks still rule on the high school campus? To maybe answer my own question, given the amount of attention high school sports is paid in our small town newspaper I kind of think not much has changed.  Are the girls  almost totally attracted to the jocks when it comes to choosing a boyfriend as they were in my day?

I realize that there are massive amounts of hormones surging through a teenager’s body as to bend against any deep thoughtful reasoning. That was the reason for the jocks winning in my day and I suspect the same is true today.

Are young girls today even thinking of the future and maybe realizing that in the total scheme of the “jocks vs nerds” that it is inevitable that the nerds will win and be much more successful in their adult lives?


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