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I have been a DirecTV customer for fifteen years now and have seen a lot of change, some of it even improvements, over the years. I am one of their loyal customers primarily because they have no competition in my neighborhood.  One of the new things they implemented in the latest update is if you have multiple episodes of a particular TV show recorded and you finish watching one they will automatically turn on the next episode if you don’t tell them otherwise within three seconds or so.  I have tried to tell them that I don’t want that option annoying me so much as I am not typically a binge watcher but they just don’t pay much attention to me.

There are so many of my blogging friends who seem to proudly shun TV entirely as being a total waste of time I am almost hesitent to admit I watch TV at all. These guys who say they shun TV (I kind of think they are closet TV watchers) almost seem to look down on those of us who see some value in just vegging out a couple of hours a day and watching something that gives us a little enjoy. To them I guess we should be reading the classics or engaging in serious discussion with our spouses or children. Maybe it is going to concerts or book clubs.  I think these are the same people who look down on those who eat at chain restaurants.  I don’t know but it kind of sounds snobbish to me.  If you think you are one of those folks don’t get too upset here I am mostly just pulling your chain..  🙂

2016-02-20_19-02-14.pngGetting back to the topic at hand I am for the most part not a binge watcher but I have skeletons in my TV closet. For the last few years during the depth of the winter season I spend hours binge watching the entire  eleven season series “Grey’s Anatomy”!! Why do I do that? The answer is complicated. But I think one of the core reasons is that I see myself in almost all the characters of that show. I love the way they interact with each other during loves and conflicts, and they certainly seem to have both in abundance on the show. Another reason is that they are sort of the quasi-family I never had. It is neat to be able, even after twelve seasons, to go back and see their first years over again.  Too bad we can’t do that in real life.

Thanks Shanda Rhimes for all the colorful characters and giving me the times when I can just sit back and watch others deal with their problems.

I know now that I admit I watch a soap opera to wile away the winter months some of you probably have visions of sixty cats roaming around inside my house.  I haven’t gone that far…… YET…..

2 thoughts on “Binge Watching..

  1. There is no shame in watching TV. Good grief, what would we in the cold climates do without TV? It’s no worse than spending hours and hours on the internet is it? There are many good dramas and documentaries in addition to the junk. And of course the news…a little too much of that actually. And the original movies are better than the lousy movies in the theaters. I don’t like going to movies anymore…way too loud and the frenetic. I proudly admit that I watch a lot of TV and secretly question those who say they don’t. My neighbor (recently passed away) used to brag that he spends his time exercising and “thinking” instead of watching TV. However, he failed to mention that they own 5 TVs scattered throughout the house. They have no drapes in their family room and when they got a new big screen smart TV we could see it plain as day from our house. Believe me…they watch plenty of TV. I think some people will find something…anything…to give them a feeling of superiority, even if it’s something like TV watching. I just smile and let it go.
    So I say don’t apologize or overanalyze your TV watching. When there are better things to do and better weather outdoors to enjoy you will do that. In the meantime…thank heavens for TV 🙂


    1. Jane, thank you for the second half of this post. I couldn’t have said it better. Yes, I too go into overload with too much news especially in the cold weather months. No, I don’t apologize for my TV watching, who would I apologize to? 🙂 But, you know me, I like to analyze everything…. especially the moods of the populace.


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