You Just Can’t Keep Them Down On The Farm…

HC Tqg209-crop.jpgI find inspiration in some very unusual places. This one came from a recent issue of a General Motors magazine called New Roads. For the most part it is a giant advertising document for their products but smattered within these ads are some sometimes interesting articles. As shown in the pic to the right this one is about Millennials.

I must admit that I am for the most part out of the mainstream of life. My world is more or less how I want to make it. It seems that being an empath I migrate toward the lower echelons of society. When I look around I see mostly income inequality and injustice.  Lower class folks just haven’t had a break for decades. But I imagine that is not the norm for living today. There are many who are learning to cope very well in our tumultuous world. They are going on with their lives as best can make for themselves. Many are even optimists and that is a good thing.

This article is about a few Millennials who have left the small town Midwest for opportunities in NYC. They are adventure seekers who want to make their mark on the world in their chosen passions.  I want to put down some scattered quotes from the article that somewhat surprised me.

Millennials are in that sweet spot of life when they’re willing and prepared to embrace the new order, with cities the epicenter of app development, startups of every type, media empires and design in all its disciplines.

Millennials in 2015 passed baby boomers in population, according to U.S. Census Bureau.

If you think about things baby boomers worked hard to obtain home ownership, lush backyards, quiet cul-de-sacs it’s natural to wonder why millennials are willing to trade it all for crowded sidewalks, streets jammed with taxis and, alas, tough-to-negotiate parking spots. Opportunity is part of the answer, but richness of experience and access to cultural resources are factors too.

Every generation must face its obstacles in life.  It is nice to hear that Millennials are doing just that and more. They are willing to take risks that maybe even us boomers never accomplished. They move to major metropolitan centers to take no-pay interships in order to show their abilities and get a well paying job.

They are shunning the large homes of past generations and downsizing to obtain cultural resources. They are simplifying their lives and changing their priorities.  As far as I am concerned that is definitely a good thing.

But perhaps the biggest thing for this boomer is that they have passed us in population counts. Maybe we can afford Social Security after all?

Maybe the country is not as bad off as this isolated baby boomer sees it……

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