Its Hard Starting a New Blog…

2016-03-21_09-35-37.pngIts hard starting a new blog, if you are not primarily in it for yourself you are in for some serious disappointment as far as early views are concerned.  They just don’t happen as we hope.

You have to realize that you are competing with millions of others who are doing the same thing as you are and everyone of us is dreaming of thousands of views a day to somehow validate our time spent writing posts. I especially feel sorry for those bloggers out there that are trying to make money off their words. You are almost guaranteed failure.

2TouchTheSky is not my first blog. I have been blogging for almost nine years now and have created perhaps a dozen different blogs.  Some like most blogs today were short lived because I didn’t have the compassion for the subject I thought I did going in. Some such as RedLetterLiving  which lasted over four years generated quite a few  views and followers but after a period of time the subject matter just ran out or maybe I just got stale on it. Others were merged together. That is how RJsCorner came about. Then there are those that had not really been thought out in the beginning and should never have been started at all.

Another point is illustrated by the graphic above.  You have to be able to write in a manner that makes people want to read what you say.

2016-03-21_09-28-46The main point of this post is that if you are not passionate about what you are blogging and willing to spend the time on posts that for the most part only you  and maybe a few others will read then you shouldn’t get into the blogging arena at all. It is lonely the first several months. It takes time for others to find you. Patience, which most of us have little of, is definitely a virtue in starting a new blog such as this one.


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