Risk Taking…

2016-03-06_09-29-51.pngThere is a big portion of our population who are just risk averse. They shutter at the very idea of risk or almost any other change for that matter.  Risk to them is to be avoided at all costs.  Most of these risk averse people are conservative in nature and politics.

When I was in the corporate world I worked for such a company. They stated “We want you to take risks but just don’t ever fail!” I could never understand how they could not see the absurdity of that statement?

Trying something  new is basically going against the grain of common day knowledge. Risk taking is the fodder of innovation in the the world and it is equally important in each of our personal lives.  Doing what is always comfortable is soothing to some but it almost always leads to stagnation. Making mistakes is just part of life, it is part of living. To learn from those mistakes is what life is all about.

If you never fail then you really aren’t taking any risks….

5 thoughts on “Risk Taking…

  1. How does one live without risk? Getting out of bed in the morning puts us in an environment that is packed with risk. Heavens, you could die in bed, too! As Jimmy Buffett says, “I would rather die while I am living, than live while i’m dead. ” A little like a Yogi Berra quote, his point is clear: Don’t be part of the living dead.

    Living in fear as a choice is allowing others to control you. Not good.


    1. Sorry to hear about your problems JudyC. If you have a slower internet connection such as I do maybe they are just taking a while to load. I’ll look into the possibilities…


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