I have been away from RJsCorner for almost a week now. During that time I have been studying and bringing up a Twitter presence (@rj_walters).  All of my posts here at RJsCorner and 2TouchTheSky will be tweeted there. Of course I will also add some off the cuff tweets as well.  🙂  I know I am late to the Twitter scene but that seems to be my life lately (a day late and a dollar short).

Part of bringing up my Twitter presence was to assign a header photo. I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to project and came up with the thought that what I do on my blogs is to reflect on the things that life throws at me and how I react to them.  Once that thought was fermented in my brain it automatically brought up the images I had taken in Ottawa Canada five years ago. I was fascinated by all the reflection off the glass buildings on my visit there. The above image is what I chose as my Twitter header. If you want to see the results click

Reflections on life is what I do so much of the time.  I don’t limit myself to just the present. I seem to also spend a good part of my reflections on the past and the future, mostly the past it seems. Since I have a lot more past than I do future that only seems logical. I am a dreamer so I dream that some of the reflections of the past will help someone else in their lives. Yeah, I am a dreamer….

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