New Super Battery? — Fast Track It…

2016-05-26_07-47-17.pngThe primary problem with 21st century power possibilities is how to store the energy during off-cycle periods. Batteries have come a long way since the lead-acid one found in most cars but still need a leap forward to fully accomplish renewable energy needs. This just might be that leap.

So far the new battery component has made it through three months of continuous charging and discharging without losing its ability to hold a charge, says Mya Le Thai, the doctoral candidate behind the innovation — that’s 200,000 cycles. (By comparison, iPhone batteries fade to about 80 percent of their original capacity after just 500 cycles, making hers at least 400 times better.) Thai says she’s getting impatient, but that the head of her lab won’t let her stop the experiment…

So is that it? Batteries we can finally forget about? Someday, but that’s probably not a someday soon. New technologies take years to make it from lab to market, and “the overwhelming majority of innovations don’t survive the process,” as Christopher Mims writes in The Wall Street Journal.

SOURCE: This new super battery can last 400 times as long as your iPhone

A battery that lasts more than 200,000 cycles and can last for months on one charge! That is the paradigm shift needed to bootstrap our solar energy foundation. The article goes into some detail about how that is accomplished but they are somewhat beyond me.  As cited in the last paragraph quote above they say “some day” they might be available. Why not fast track them. Let’s put a $ billion into government funding and then turn the results over to a regulated private industry.

I can see the day that our power grid will basically cease to exist. Where every home and business will have its own power source. Lets not wait for “someday”. Let’s move into the 21st century with a similar project as the moon landing of the 20th century.  We can’t wait…


  1. With a clear sky on the east side of my house, I’d like to set up a row of large solar panel on stands instead of on the roof. Based on all the reading I’ve done the past 5 years on RVs and traveling off the grid and what I use here at home for my electrical usage … I think not much more than a RV solar set up would get me off of the Utility Company’s accounts receivable dept.

    For some reason lately I’ve been seeing more and more stories with fires starting on the roof under the solar panels due to poor installations. Another options I saw somewhere the other day, can’t remember, is a new battery pack system you would use for your electrical power in a house, no matter the square foot.


    1. Hi Steve… Solar panel prices are dropping quickly now so it is becoming more and more affordable. The batteries are the big expense now. I suspect, like anything else electrical the installation can be botched and then be a hazard.

      Of course the more power you use the bigger that system you would need…


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