Oh, Its a Duzzie…

ISOA BannerIt’s time for a lighter post here so what could be better than an “On The Road Again” report. Last week I spent two days in northeastern Indiana particularly around the Ft. Wayne region. This was my first visit to the Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg Museum in the city of Auburn Indiana which is just north of Ft Wayne. The amount and quality of cars there is simply amazing!!

For this post I am concentrating on my favorite car there which is a 1931 Cord.  Since orange is my favorite color I guess I should not be surprised by my selection.  I also have to admit that I stuck a picture from their gallery into this collage.  In the coming weeks I will be showing you more of this fantastic place. I am a car guy so this is definitely my place to visit.  I wonder what took me so long to discover it  🙂

(click on any picture in the gallery below to see a larger slideshow)





  1. Hi Bob, yeah they are artwork. There must have over 200 of them there to enjoy. None of the luxury car makers survived the depression but I wonder what cars of the 50s and 60s would have looked like if they had? They even had some other cars on the third floor! I guess they wanted to keep them away from the others as to not taint them??? (ha).


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