‘Of course’ ISIS is driven by Islam…

2016-06-03_08-41-53.pngI know that it may not be politically correct to say that ISIS is driven by Islam but the truth is the truth.. ISIS and all their offshoots take a part of the Koran and use it as an excuse for their extremism the same way that the KKK does with the Christian Bible.

Spiritual beliefs are a big part of human nature. Almost everyone has a basic need to know who created them and what is the “right” way to live on this earth. I chose the teachings of Jesus Christ as my spiritual foundation.  I take the red letters as found in the bible to heart and try to live my life accordingly. I looked to religion to strengthen my beliefs but was mainly disappointed with what I found there. Simply stated there was just too much unnecessary, often radical right political,  stuff clouds over the red letters for me.

There are many who are also disappointed with religion but take a very different track in life.  They take a  piece of a religious document and reject everything else. ISIS as well as the KKK are examples of that group. I call them selective literalists.  But I think the crux of the truth is most of these deviants are just feeling insecure in their world. They fear this or that and try to ameliorate that fear with a rationalized religion.

ISIS is driven by Islam, that’s a fact but does that poison the many others who don’t take the extreme views that they do?  I don’t know but it does give us reason to be cautious when dealing with anyone of that variety.

I have almost come to the conclusion that religion does more harm than good in the world today. If God is really out there somewhere I think its time for her to come and straighten us out as to what she wants us to do while occupying space on this earth. We humans, including or maybe especially the theologians among us, have done a miserable job of it if you ask me. We have splintered into literally thousands of religions and they all can’t be right as each claims to be….

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