Roulette And The USPS…

Snippet Banner  The title of this snippet post might be confusing to some of you but bear with me.  I am not a gambler in almost any form but I have been playing roulette a lot lately. Mail Roulette.. It seems we have a new mail delivery person on our rural route. I’m pretty sure that all of them for the last half dozen years have been contract employees. That is they are not postal workers with life time employment as seems common to most governmental bureaucracies.

2016-09-24_16-37-14.pngOur last couple of carriers were less than amazing but this new one takes the cake. He just can’t seem to get all the mail in the box for the same address.  Last week all of our mail was delivered to our next door neighbor. This week half of it was to the neighbor behind us. Today I got something for neighbor number one in my box.  Now I can understand it in some areas on his route that don’t have any numbers on the boxes. I guess the people living there don’t get much company so don’t see a need to let others know where they live. 🙂  But our boxes in my part of the road are all clearly labeled with at least three inch letters.

2016-09-24_16-37-46.pngI know the USPS is struggling to stay in business but maybe they need to find cost reductions elsewhere beside those who directly interface with their customers.  A better way would be to eliminate Saturday delivery entirely but of course politics would not allow that.  Answering to a dysfunctional congress they have a rough time even existing I guess.

But there is some serendipity to all this. It causes visits that might not otherwise take place. We get to know our neighbors a little better while playing roulette with them. 🙂

Just a thought for this Saturday afternoon.

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