Remembering Don V….

5Star Banner.png

I know the picture here on this 5Star post is not clear or particularly focused but it gets its rating from my memories. It was taken by a small Kodak camera in 1969 and is of my friend Don V.  He was the friend that got me interested in  Bob Dylan and things “folk”. I will always thank him for that.  Even in my deafness I still love those songs floating around in my head.  I occasionally bring out my old 33rpm records to just look at them and remember the times.

Don got married soon after he graduated from Purdue. He also got drafted and sent to Vietnam where he was killed by a sniper a week after he arrived.  About 7 months after his death his wife gave birth to a fatherless child.  The Vietnam tragedy really hit home for me. When I found his name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall years later I broke out crying as the memories flooded my mind.

The picture may not be great but the memories are eternal…

In Memory of Don.jpg


  1. When I went off to Purdue in 1965 I was just a country boy who had a very narrow (and totally WASP) view of the world. Don, amongst many others, showed me our country and world were much bigger than I had imagined. Too bad his life was cut short by that stupid war, I think he was destined for great things but…


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