Starting Out…

Today’s 5Star post is when I was just starting out treating photography as a serious hobby in 1970. It was taken with my first 35mm camera that is absolutely primitive by today’s standards. The picture quality is pretty low as it was scanned about 6 years ago from the original 5×7 print, but the composition is pretty good for a beginner. 🙂

The Pyramids.jpg

2 thoughts on “Starting Out…

  • WOW! You’ve captured one of Northwest Indy’s much seen landmarks. Any Indy native that hasn’t seen these pyramids [and showed curiosity about what lies within] is missing out. I like your picture. It is good for a beginner, and you have chosen one of my favorite visual landmarks. Cool beans!!!


  • Yes indeed Sparkyjen you are absolutely right about the landmark in the picture. There was one day a year that the reflections off the Pyramids shined directly into the building 30 miles away where I worked. It was kind of like Stonehenge to us.

    Thanks for the compliments…


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