My Feathered Friends..

5star-banner  One of the advantages of living in a rural forest area are all the feathered friends that come to visit our feeders. We go through tons of feed and suet each winter but seeing the birds makes the winter a little less dreary for me.


5 thoughts on “My Feathered Friends..

  • I don’t have bird feeders, but I do have lots of trees, bushes, and a stone wall. We throw bread on occasion. I love to see the birds scoot about on the wall especially. I do have animals like Mangy the grey and white cat. He has to be watched around birds. When it snows they come and tease my highly visual eyes. What a thrill*** Mangy doesn’t do snow. If I could get my camera to work [in the moment] for some of the great pictures I could snap, well…just glad I have pretty good recall. Thanks for sharing your snaps. Happy Holidays!


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