Please Pardon The Mess…

If you have tried logging into RJsCorner this weekend you will likely find yourself confused. I am currently bringing up a new theme and that is most easily done in real time. I have had the old theme (layout) for about a year now so it is time for a change.  Nothing stays the same much in life or on RJsCorner.

2016-12-03_15-26-07.pngI really like this new theme, I think it gives you more options for your visit. The “Featured Posts” at the top of the blog are the most recent six that I am probably particularly proud of. Often times they will likely be “In Search of America” or “Just Life” categories and  pictorial in nature but I will also put some of the “Question Everything” posts there as they seem appropriate.

I promise I will be done with this construction in a few days…

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