I Am Just Not a “Niche” Guy…

TL Banner  For my weekly bio post I thought I would talk a little about my blogging processes in particular but more generally about my thought processes which due to Aspergers is probably different than yours. Many of the more successful blogs around the Internet are niche blogs, that is they concentrate on one particular topic. Many that I read are of the retirement genre. Their readers pretty much know what they are going to get when they go to their sites. As they say like-minded people like to congregate together, especially during these trying times so they don’t want any surprises and especially disagreements.

2016-12-09_20-20-37.pngWhen I started RJsCorner in 2008 my intention was to  join them and concentrate on how I was coping with my retirement that was then eight years in. But things pretty quickly moved beyond that topic. Simply stated I just couldn’t seem to stay on topic as watched the world spinning outside my door. I admit that I often get something in my brain and it stews there for several days before coming to the surface.  My “question everything” attitude simply did not allow me to stick to one topic.  Everything means everything after all. So, of course RJsCorner rather quickly evolved into a broader venue.

I have found that it is pretty hard to get a large dedicated audience when you jump all over the map of life’s issues as I do.  You are bound to cause hurt feeling when you say things that some of your readers may fundamentally disagree with. Unintentionally hurting other people’s feelings is actually one of the characteristics of Aspergers. Maybe that is why I kind of MUST speak my mind in an unfiltered way to maintain my sanity.

As my “About Page” says I blog about the many things that I am passionate about; things that make me want to leap out of bed each morning to get involved. Empathy is a strong part of my life so talking about how others are treated is one of my major topics here.  Traveling and photography have become a centerpiece of my retirement years so I proudly show off those topics as well.  That is true especially now that I have finally got my self made micro-RV on the road.

I am a high level thinker on many topics it seems and I hope I talk about at least some issues that you find interesting . Logic is something that is a part of my prime directive so I often post about when things just don’t seem logical and in the political sphere lately many things don’t seem logical.. 🙂

Many of those who read me are bloggers who have many more viewers on their blogs than I do. That makes me a little jealous, but their regular visits here tells me I must be doing something right. I am a blogger’s blog.  In the end I blog primarily for myself or so I tell myself that. But your complimentary comments on occasion do stroke my ego.  Thanks for that. We all need our egos stroked once in a while…

4 thoughts on “I Am Just Not a “Niche” Guy…

  1. I enjoy your “non-niche” approach, and look forward to your varied blog posts.

    Don’t worry about followers. My blog is a niche blog, but it has only limited followers. Perhaps my niche is TOO narrow, but that is OK. I enjoy doing it, and those who follow it seem to like it too.

    Happy Holidays, and please keep on blogging on whatever moves you!


  2. You say your blog is a “bloggers blog”….well I’m not a blogger and I read your posts regularly. I think it would be more accurate to say you are a “readers blog” or a “thinkers blog”. Many blogs are superficial or self centered. I find yours to be a bit deeper. I like that you have many interests and diverse thoughts. Even if you are writing about yourself, you do so in a very objective way, so that we may come to understand you. I don’t even mind when I don’t agree with you (which is rare) because you are always respectful and reasonable in your opinions. You make me think. You can tell I’m not a blogger because I’m not a good writer, but I think you get my message….I like what you do. 🙂


    1. Oh Jane, thank you for the wonderful Christmas present. A “thinker’s blog”, I like the sound of that. One of my prime reasons for blogging is to get people to think outside their normal boxes. To look at things from a different angle. You flatter my ego Jane and doesn’t everyone need a little of that once in a while? I do consciously try to write with a good dose of introspection when I write my bio posts. It helps me to understand who I am and how I got here. I’m glad that people like you and Daryl enjoy what I say.

      Oh you are a fine writer and I definitely get your message and it helps me to continue here on RJsCorner that someone actually cares about what I write. Merry Christmas to you and your family…


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