Like No Other…

Tomorrow is an extremely sad day for many of us in America. Not only for the 53% of us who didn’t vote for the one who won electoral college, but even those who did but now realize the mistake they made.

This coming presidency will be like no other our nation has ever faced. It will likely be the epitome of the “Post Truth Age”. How we face this coming administration is as important as anything we have done to date in America.


Given the recent “press conference” which was really just another of his Tweet rants but longer. How will we treat this person who will occupy the Oval Office?  Will we try to match the total disrespect coming from inside the White House for anyone who does not shout that the current Oval Office occupier is the smartest, wisest, most perfect person to ever walk on the face of this earth, or will we take a different path? Will we be the adults in the transaction? That will determine to a great degree just what our future is after he leaves.