Like No Other…

Tomorrow is an extremely sad day for many of us in America. Not only for the 53% of us who didn’t vote for the one who won electoral college, but even those who did but now realize the mistake they made.

This coming presidency will be like no other our nation has ever faced. It will likely be the epitome of the “Post Truth Age”. How we face this coming administration is as important as anything we have done to date in America.


Given the recent “press conference” which was really just another of his Tweet rants but longer. How will we treat this person who will occupy the Oval Office?  Will we try to match the total disrespect coming from inside the White House for anyone who does not shout that the current Oval Office occupier is the smartest, wisest, most perfect person to ever walk on the face of this earth, or will we take a different path? Will we be the adults in the transaction? That will determine to a great degree just what our future is after he leaves.



2 thoughts on “Like No Other…

  • I am joining 27,000 other women (and men who share their goals) in Austin on Saturday, in an affirmation of our goals for our nation. My mobility issues mean I won’t be able to join both the march and the speeches afterwards, so I’ll have to choose, and I won’t be able to carry a sign. However, I’ll be wearing a homemade sticker on my shirt that says, “Diversity, not Division.” I truly considered one that read “So many issues, so few signs.” This march will not change anything, but it is meant as a mobilization for those of us who eschew hatred, ridicule and exclusion. Earlier in the week, the total for the sister-city marches across the nation and the world broke through the one million mark. These women are paying transportation costs, donating to the march expenses, buying T-shirts and poster-making materials, hiring babysitters and pet sitters. They’re committed, and it’s their commitment that keeps me hopeful through days such as today. As a woman who majored in physics the first three years of my college career and who is cognizant of the credentials of the previous two Energy Department heads who Perry will follow, I shudder. I have word-recall issues myself, and understand that his problems remembering what he meant to say might have nothing to do with his intelligence level, but he is not prepared to take on duties that he did not even originally know were part of the post he was being offered.


  • Way to Go Linda…… Yeah we will have to just hold our noses to stay active in the years ahead.

    So many of his department heads are there to dismantle their organizations than for any other purpose. I just hope that the Republicans in congress don’t rubber stamp everything he proposes. If they do then we are likely in DEEP trouble. Of course the one that hits me the most will probably be Mr. Ryan’s attempt to privatize all healthcare and turn it over to the insurance industry to do with whatever they want.

    Scary times ahead, gotta stay active….


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