VACANCY — Looking For a Leader of the Free World..

For the last 70 years or so the job of “Leader of the Free World” was automatically bestowed on the person occupying the Oval Office. That just doesn’t seem to be possible this time around. The person in that room is simply too erratic in his nature to assume that mantle even though I am sure HE thinks it is a worthy of that title. Yes, we in the U.S. somehow elected him but he was not the choice of the rest of the world.

The world leader needs to be someone who doesn’t fixate on pettiness of such things as how many people came to his swearing in ceremony. The leader of the free world is a person who tells you the truth when he speaks and doesn’t state beliefs that have absolutely no basis in fact such as illegal votes by the millions against him.  He is aware that even his off-the-cuff remarks can cost lives. He is a person of believability and trustworthiness. Who in the world can take up that mantle now? Certainly not the person in the Oval Office…..


2 thoughts on “VACANCY — Looking For a Leader of the Free World..

  • I have always been aware of a personality trait in children known as ODD…or Oppositional Defiance Disorder. This disorder can persist into adulthood in varying degrees. I thought it reminded me of Trump so I looked up the symptoms on WebMD. Here are those symptoms:

    Throwing repeated temper tantrums
    Excessively arguing with adults, especially those with authority
    Actively refusing to comply with requests and rules
    Deliberately trying to annoy or upset others, or being easily annoyed by others
    Blaming others for your mistakes
    Having frequent outbursts of anger and resentment
    Being spiteful and seeking revenge
    Swearing or using obscene language
    Saying mean and hateful things when upset

    This may be similar to narcissim. Just thought this was a pretty accurate description of a personality disorder and of the current leader of the free world, our President.


  • I never dreamed that I would be getting into a discussion with someone about which malady our president has. 🙂 Yes there is a lot of commonality between ODD and Narcissism. It will be obvious when I publish my posts on the topic. The most dominant symptom seem to shout Trump.


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