2017-01-30_10-53-15Snippet Banner  Can you believe that we have actually survived the last ten days? It just seems infinitely longer than that to me…  Only 1451 more days before we can make a very necessary, no I will say absolutely critical,  change. I pray to God that it won’t be too late.  I have vowed here at RJsCorner to use the “T” word as little as possible so have been thinking of another way to identify him. I know that POTUS is a strong acronym for President Of The United States but somehow that just doesn’t ring true with me this time around.

So I have come up with CO3 = Current Oval Office Occupant.

2017-01-30_10-51-20Wikipedia describes CO3 as: Carbon trioxide whichis an  unstable oxide of carbon”.Unstable, yeah that definitely describes this guy.  I try to think of him as someone just occupying a seat on a temporary basis.  I guess 1451 is temporary isn’t it? For all your nerds out there I give you the symbols for this compound. The shape kind of reminds me of a guy at the center with all the adoring “yes” people gushing around him.  I think I am on to something here!!

On even another level the new moniker seems appropriate since this occupant doesn’t believe in global warming, maybe if we add another “O” to the compound  and even though he says he is a “really smart guy,  maybe we can sneak it by him.

Yeah, CO3 just seems to fit on so many levels….

So from this day forth let it be proclaimed that at least on RJsCorner the “T” guy will be known as CO3 .

I feel better now 🙂