Fake News & Fake Stats..


I just wanted to pen off some thoughts about the topic of fake news.  The foundation of this new executive administration seems to be alternative facts and of course that has its foundation in fake news.  You can say something that is widely known to be a lie and pose it as truth and have people believe it. I fear for our society if so many of us believe such blatant lies. There is a reason that the George Orwell book 1984 is now one of the most ordered books coming from Amazon is because there are so many parallels to current events.

A wider definition of fake news is basically someone writing a story that is total fiction and passing it off as fact. In my “Crayon marks” section of this blog I try to make it very clear that things appearing here that are like crayon marks scribbled across my brain and they are by no means facts. But it seems that anything coming off CO3 is now considered alternate facts. If we lose the ability to discern what is fact and what is fiction we are in deep trouble as a society.  Another thing for those of us who who actually think, to be fearful of.



The other annoyance for me in this area is Fake Stats on some blogs.  I know this does not begin to have the weight of CO3 (current oval office occupant) empty words have but it does bug me.


It seems there are several popular apps out there that you can put on your blogsite that show you have MANY more visits than you actually do. Some apps are so smart in that they increase from day to day. Some just say that this is the number of views from last month.

I am vane enough to pretty much check my stats for RJsCorner on a daily basis to see how a post is going. I have a respectable number of followers, at least for an old guy without thousands of Facebook friends, but nothing close to those proclaimed by some other blogs.  There is one in particular blog that I used to read that proclaims “35,000+ views last month”. It is a blog mainly about what she did the previous day. On occasion she mentions something kind of funny and that is why used I visit it. But 35,0000, come on, give me a break!!

I don’t show any stats on RJsCorner because it has little to do about what I post. I post things I am passionate about and not just things I think people want or maybe need to hear.  Putting on a false face turns me off…

Fake Stats…Ugh…