We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

This post is a first review of a book by David Brooks called the Social Animal. It delves into the basic nature of man. David Brooks is a writer for the New Work Times and is a weekly regular of The PBS Newshour so I have a regular exposure to him. He is the conservative voice that I most admire in these current crazy times

I found this a pretty interesting book about a little known topic. There is a revolution currently going on in trying to further understand the human psyche.  The main thing discovered is that we are not for the most part the product of thinking but primarily what happens below the surface in our subconscious. This statement is kind of like Galileo who dared to tell us that the earth is not the center of the universe. Our conscious minds  are not the center of human behavior. How dare he claim that!! 🙂

In other words wisdom is about being able to look outside your current box and to be able to objectively look at things you don’t necessarily agree with.  It is about being able to change your view of life. Much of our thinking comes from what we have been taught to believe whether it is true or not. Some of what we think we know is simply a fabrication of non-facts.  As David mentioned the human mind is an overconfidence machine. We give ourselves credit for things that we didn’t do. We simply don’t know what we don’t know…

That is enough of a teaser for today. There will be several other post coming about this interesting topic….

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