If Grace Is True

After many years of resistance and finally accepting God’s love I find it strange to believe that so many believe he is going to damn the vast majority of those he loves to an eternal anguish.  We spend less than a century on this earth in one degree of happiness or another and then billions, if not trillions of centuries in total misery and anguish. That is just not the God that I have come to know.

I grew up in a very sheltered life in a small midwest town. There were no visible minorities there and there certainly were nothing but Christian churches of one flavor or another in the area. It was not until I went to college that I was exposed to anyone outside my usual cliche. Things would change rather dramatically for me during those years.  I learned that everyone who didn’t go to a Christian church were not bad guys. Many seemed to share the same level of morality that I did during those years.

It was later in my life than it was for Mr. Gulley that I saw the movie Gandhi but it also affected me greatly.  I went on to learn more about the man and the religious stands of his version of God. Gandhi was a man of infinite morals. He understood thing about loving your fellow man that I still can’t fathom. Why would God send him to hell while giving me a place in heaven.

I like the idea of emptying hell. Is God really going to eternally condemn those stubborn souls who fail to recognize him during their utterly brief time on this earth?


  1. I never understood how Christians could believe in a loving God that could send ANYONE to hell. It would make him a monster far worse than anyone we have ever witnessed here on earth. BTW, you write very well and I enjoy your posts. I follow quite a few blogs and can’t understand why you don’t have more commentors. Your posts are timely, intelligent and interesting.


    • Hi Mary, it took me several years to finally come around to Mr. Gulley’s belief in universal salvation but I am firmly entrenched in it now. All the things you said are the same problems I had. I believe in a God of Grace.

      Thanks for the kind words. My following on RJsCorner gets larger on a day by day basis but doesn’t approach some sites that have much less depth than mine. It has not been a priority for me to increase viewership. I don’t have thousands of very shallow Facebook followers as many do. I am just not attuned to the social media I guess. Having said all that I am starting to look into how to increase comments and such. I think I have thoughts that contribute to the well-being of our times so maybe that is worth the effort.

      Thanks for being a regular commenter here.


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