Not Everything…

Snippet Banner  I may surprise you with this, but I am not against everything CO3 proposes. He wants to shake up things in Washington and so do I.  It is just that I wanted someone with the wisdom and tact necessary to do that job and he simply isn’t that person.

One of the shakeups that I am adamantly for is term limits. I changed the quote in the header above to indicate that fact. Thomas Jefferson was well aware of those in the nation’s capital that stayed too long. Like everything else though, CO3 is all over the map on the details, or should I say lack of details.

2017-02-21_09-43-49.pngHere is my proposal:

  • U.S. Senate: 12 years (two terms)
  • House: 12 years (six terms)
  • Supreme Court: 18 years or 80 years of age
  • U.S. President: 8 years (two terms)

I know the argument that we have unofficial term limits via our election process but that argument just doesn’t hold water anymore, if it ever did. One reason is because of gerrymandering. Congressional district maps are totally made up to keep the incumbent in office. The second reason is because of a lazy electorate. So many complain about their representatives but then almost always vote them in office anyway.

Of course, the Supreme Court is a new one. Lifetime offices in total should be eliminated. After all, we are not a monarchy and shouldn’t treat a branch of our government as if it were.

So, here is to you CO3, if you can just keep your mind on one thing long enough to get it done I hope it is term limits.

* CO3 = Current Oval Office Occupant


  1. One reason why I like blog hopping to you RJ is because you make me think when it comes to politics. I also seem to learn something new. The Thomas Jefferson quote blends nicely with today’s opinion. It prompted me to remember a gripe I had with an organization I used to be affiliated with. Most of the hierarchy had it made in the shade because although the members complained throughout their “terms,” the higher echelon were certain they would be allowed to remain in their positions or easily pushed forward [same person] to another due to an “all talk, no action” populace. Is it truly laziness, busyness, fear, or mesmerism???


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