How accurate are your Blogger stats? – Not Very..

Snippet Banner This snippet is for all my fellow bloggers out there, everyone else can just ignore it.   I have been looking into my blog stats lately and have discovered some interesting things. I am on WordPress and the general consensus is that it gets less traffic than Blogger because the Google search engine gives priority to its own app. But, what I actually discovered is that Blogger includes all the spambot hits as well as search engines who roam through the blogsite as a visit count.  Sometimes that leads to some rather gross inaccuracies.  As it turns out I guess is that the Google search engine punishes Blogger blogs because it counts all the spammers and other bots that attack it as views, WordPress filters them out excluding them from your counts. And with Blogger even these inflated numbers can be easily faked by a readily available app.

Long story short, don’t count the blog stats you run across being anywhere close to accurate and especially if they are hosted on Blogger.

7 thoughts on “How accurate are your Blogger stats? – Not Very..

  1. Two years ago when I started my blog, I was really satisfied with what I thought was accurate stats from WordPress. But then changes were made (about the time the Reader was redesigned), and now I’m not so confident about them anymore. For instance, I get a fair share of “likes” and even comments on some of my posts, yet when I later look at the stats it doesn’t even list those individual posts as being read. Hmmm. And so it goes. – Marty


    1. Hi Marty, yeah I also have problems with WordPress stats sometimes not making any sense. It seems that while Blogger seriously inflates them, WordPress eliminates too many. I don’t know which is worse?? 🙂


  2. Hi RJ, I’m glad you found my post useful but I’d appreciate it if you could take down the extract from my blog and the screenshot of the comments. This is because they are copyrighted – also, Google will see this as duplicate content and therefore penalise both of us. Thank you in advance. 🙂


  3. I have a blog on Blogger and one I just started again on WordPress. For both blogs I installed a 3rd party traffic tracker called StatCounter. It matches up pretty well in both blogs and you have the option to chose if you want it to count all the bots and search engines. I am familiar with SEO techniques, somewhat website savvy but I find it interesting that my WordPress blog gets very little traffic … but that might be because I had very little content and more photos.


    1. Hi Steve, your thoughts and the others here got me to investigate this comparison more. It seems that besides Blogger counting bots and search engines they also count your own visits. So, if your counts are down on a given day all you gotta do is hit your site a few extra times.. 🙂

      One guy says you can disable your own counts but it is not particularly easy. Many claim that there has been no improvement in Blogger is a very long time; it seems that every time I log into WordPress something has changed; good for some of us, bad for others. Another says that Google will be dropping Blogger soon as it doesn’t fit their future strategy.

      Maybe this is just a Ford/Chevy thing of my generation?


      1. I’ve heard that before, Google closing Blogger but it was years ago that started, but who knows. Last year I attempted to transfer my 5 year old blog from Blogger to WordPress. Due to different platforms and codes I was not able to transfer my whole blog to the WordPress dot com side of the house. A techie tried to help but she had to go through each of my posts to recode it so it would work. I told her to cancel that operation.

        Blogger does have a link that will supposedly cancel your own visits and not count them in their stats but that doesn’t seem to work. It might be my settings for cookies or the ad blockers I use. I’ve never got it it work.

        I also found I was hit with more spam attacks on WordPress. At the time I had 4 different blogs on WordPress. Yet I like the platform better than Blogger, plus some very nice templates to choose from. If I were to pay for a domain and use their .org site than we know you can do so much more on installing nice plug ins and design.

        It could be the Ford/Chevy thing … but I want the best of both I guess.


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