I Am Back And It Was Quite An Adventure..

When I told you I was going to take some time off to re-think RJsCorner I had no idea of what was just ahead of me. The damage had already been done before I made the announcement so maybe that was a part of it.  I just returned from a three-day stay in the hospital for a “Subacute and Chronic Right Subdural Hematoma” otherwise know as a brain bleed and yes that meant brain surgery! It happened after a fall I took six days before while taking out some old barnyard fence at the homestead. More on that in tomorrow’s post.

Let’s concentrate today on what I decided before my hospital stay.  I was simply getting too bogged down in the politics of the day. Listening to the current Oval Office occupant’s constant lies and gross exaggeration was simply wearing me down, way down. I couldn’t see myself surviving for long on that primary diet so it was time for a very basic change. Change is my friend, so I am not opposed to it whenever I come across it. Even though politics has been a major draw here at RJsCorner I have decided to move it to the back burner. In that effort, I have even pulled the category topic from my header list and removed many of the past posts from the blog.

To keep my viewer count up and increasing, I am trying other ways to get some web traffic. As I had discovered previously my extensive use of block quotes, that is referencing others words has done some serious damage with search engines. When they see my quotes from others they call me “duplicate content” blog and badge my site as such. I don’t think that is fair but to appease the SEO (search engine optimizer) gods I will be using other methods to tell you where I got the idea for a post.

I know most of you don’t really care about what categories I have in my header as you only read the daily posts, but I take much effort to organize my historical posts so that will be an ongoing effort for the weeks ahead. But the primary change here will be to do more posts in my “In Search of America” section and particularly the new “Crayon Marks” areas.  I will also be spending more time on my “autobiography”, that is just plain old stories of my life as I remember them and maybe getting back to more retirement type posts. So, here we ago with a slightly different direction for RJsCorner. If you have any suggestions for other improvements please let me know. I would love to see what you would like to hear here.

5 thoughts on “I Am Back And It Was Quite An Adventure..

    1. Hi Jan and Mary, yeah my brain surgeon said it was a miracle that I had not done more damage than I did by waiting so long to come in. My wife says I am ornery and I guess I really am. 🙂
      but more on that in the coming posts… I feel grateful to be alive..


    1. Thanks Marty… I have decided to keep my political posts down to one a week entitled “Inside the Beltway Loony Bin” . That should keep me sane for the next 1413 days. My medical challenges exposed me to much of our healthcare system which I will be writing about. But given that I am on Medicare which is a single payer system I will be pretty immune for the financial aspects of the past multi-thousand dollar three-day episode.


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