Give Me A Break…

I am going to take off a few days  to consider a change here at RJ’s Corner. I can’t see being able to continue on as I have for four more years.  Maybe I need to shut down the “All I Know” category where I talk about the political happenings of the day. Maybe I need to get more focused on other areas of interest.  To do that I need to just shut down completely and look at my options.

I don’t see the possibility of just stopping blogging, so this isn’t a permanent hiatus just a change in directions. I will let you know what I have decided in a week or two.

4 thoughts on “Give Me A Break…

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Mary. I’m pretty sure I will continue with those types of posts, only in a different format. My epiphany was that I am just getting too frustrated with my method of reporting and also too lazy in putting out posts. I need to get back to the basics. That is what this period is all about. Hopefully I will have all the details worked out in a week or two.. I’ll be back….


  1. Only recently started following your blog. I’ve been pleased with all you do. However, it is good sometimes to step back and evaluate our efforts. Hurry back.


    1. Thanks for the support Gabby. As you can see from the subsequent posts I had a very busy time while I was gone. But that gave me much material for future posts. .. 🙂


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