A Changing God…A God Who Loves Us All

I am certainly one of those whose idea of God has changed drastically during my lifetime. I started out as a kid in a Catholic school in the 1950s who was taught that only Catholics would go to heaven. It is certainly not that God is changing but instead it is my idea 2017-03-22_09-32-03.pngof what God is. I have gone from the beliefs of “Only Catholics” to one of Universal Salvation. I deem this change as progress, others more fundamental (stuck in their ways) will say it is heresy.

Looking at the ages, the concept of God has changed radically. He started out as something to be feared, who demanded blood offerings to keep his wrath at bay. Jealous, wrathful, impetuous, incendiary would be good descriptions of God at that stage. He was feared for his almighty power. At least in some circles, these traditional concepts of God are being laid to rest in favor of a more benevolent being.

When Christianity burst upon the scene via Jesus Christ much of the wrathful God was replaced by a loving and caring God who told us to love each other as He loved us. He told us much of what we believed was wrong. He used the phrase “You have heard it said, but I say to you..” Sadly, his messages are being muted to one degree or another by different versions of Christianity still today. But there are some, like one of my favorite religious authors, Philp Gulley, who have come to the conclusion that if God truly loves us all and wants all of us to be with him in eternity then he will somehow make that happen. I am now one of that fold for I think not believing that possibility is to take power away from an omnipotent deity.

love-god-in-sand-1314534-640x480.jpgEspecially in our day, many struggle to find meaning and tranquillity through spirituality. That, not established religions is what is growing today. According to an article in Christianity Today, one-fourth of young adults said that they wanted a break from religion; another 26 percent said church members seemed judgemental and hypocritical of others; 20 percent didn’t feel connected, and 15 per cent felt downright unwelcome. When you finally grab hold of the idea that God will reconcile all of us to him, all of this judgemental and hypocrisy flys out the window. You no longer need to separate yourself from those around you. You have finally reconciled that all of us are children of God and are to be loved. All of us.

I am convinced that someday in the future the world will finally see the goodness of all people and be at peace. I realize that this is a pious dream that is very distant from the original concept of Deity but I dream it none the less.


3 thoughts on “A Changing God…A God Who Loves Us All

  1. I wish more people felt like you and this author and I’m sure many do. But the vast majority don’t, which is why I’m turned off to any religion. To me, it seems the hatefulness and blind ignorance to an ever changing world of the fundamentalist religious right, is growing and has been unleashed since the election (coincidence?) and it does not bode well for a peaceful future for humanity.


    1. I have been in three different religious organizations in my life and all three have beliefs/traditions that bother me. But that doesn’t mean that I should give up on the foundations of Christianity. I believe in the teachings of Jesus but not how it is presently put into practice by most “Christian” religious groups. That is why I include myself in the “Spiritual but not religious” category. I don’t imagine I will be joining any religious organizations but if I did it would probably be that of Philip Gulley which is Quaker. But then again, he was almost kicked out because of some of his beliefs.

      I was kicked out of Missouri Lutherns because I proclaimed that I couldn’t believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old. I am too much a scientist to ever claim that. So, here I am a follower of Jesus Christ in a spiritual sense but not a religious one. I am by no means the first with that believe. Thomas Jefferson believed the same thing.

      I hope all this makes sense to you Mary.


  2. Yes it makes perfect sense. I’ve never understood the creationist belief of the universe only being 6000 years old and why they can’t see past that. To me, it would be far more magnificent if God created all this over billions of years of his slow fine tuning and the awesome, intricate beauty, than just a God with the “snap” of a finger and presto it was all basically here. Poor analogy, but like making a meal from scratch and all fresh and wholesome rather than popping a frozen dinner in the microwave for a few minutes.


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