Light vs Dark

I am an avid Star Wars fan and have seen all the existing movies several times. The idea of the “force” and the “dark side” has always fascinated me. The concept of light vs dark has many aspects. With this post I will discuss another one of them.

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Not Less, But Better…

This post is going to be about trying to dispel the feeling that some have that I am anti-religious. We don’t need less religion, just better versions.

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Are We Praying To A Narcissist God?

With this post I am going to bring back my Sunday talks about spirituality and my enlightened view of things religious. This post is about praying to God.

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Contemplating the All Powerful God and the All Loving God…

 The Old Testament has always been a struggle for me. I find far too many places where God’s wrath is brutally shown. This is in such a total contrast with Jesus Christ I know in the New Testament. It is almost like the good cop/bad cop scenarios that play out so much on the TV cop shows. I tend to refer to it as the … Continue reading Contemplating the All Powerful God and the All Loving God…

Having No Religion or Faith..

Britain is becoming an increasingly faithless society, according to a new survey that has found 53% of Britons now describe themselves as having no religion. The proportion is the highest ever, up from 48% in 2015 and 31% in 1983 when the British Social Attitudes survey was begun by the independent National Centre for Social Research. The trend is evident across all age groups but … Continue reading Having No Religion or Faith..

God’s Still On Holiday..

This is insane, and mainly because God patently hasn’t taken care of any of these things. Humans do these things and humans do stuff to mitigate or eradicate them. God’s still on holiday, where he has been for a few thousand years. Source: Lazy and Incoherent Theology: God Will Take Care of It I know that many of Mr. Trump’s supporters are evangelical Christians who … Continue reading God’s Still On Holiday..

A Changing God…A God Who Loves Us All

I am certainly one of those whose idea of God has changed drastically during my lifetime. I started out as a kid in a Catholic school in the 1950s who was taught that only Catholics would go to heaven. It is certainly not that God is changing but instead it is my idea of what God is. I have gone from the beliefs of “Only … Continue reading A Changing God…A God Who Loves Us All

Replacing One Mediator With Another….

Before I start on my study of the history of the church I want to do an “aside” post here on another topic. I just read a very thoughtful post over at Rachel Held Evan’s blog about mysticism and evangelicalism. In it she was commenting on a book by Tim Challis about how mysticism, which he defined at any experiences with God outside of the … Continue reading Replacing One Mediator With Another….

Man’s Fingerprints…..

One thing that seems so hard for many fundamentalist Christians is the idea that much of their religious traditions and beliefs come from man, not God. They seem totally unable to even conceive of that idea. Without that acknowledgement they have doomed their version of Christianity to the trash heap of time. Science, that they generally deem as the enemy, will eventually become just be … Continue reading Man’s Fingerprints…..