Three Weeks Post Brain Surgery…

Snippet Banner   It is hard to believe that three weeks ago right now I was in a cold sterile operating room with the top of my skull removed to fix a bleeding brain! Long story short, I am doing remarkedly well and anxious to get back to a normal routine. I haven’t suffered any seizures that are somewhat common for brain bleed surgeries and have really not had a lot of pain.  The doctor gave me a prescription for “heroin in a pill” but I have not found it necessary to take any of them as Tylenol has been doing the job well enough.  I go back to seeing the surgeon on Friday and am hoping for a go-ahead for the next stage of recuperation. I just might be able to get on my garden tractor for the first mowing of the Spring.

Just thought you might like to know.

5 thoughts on “Three Weeks Post Brain Surgery…

  • Whew…what a relief you are recovering as well as you are! And good for you on managing without the “heroin” pills…people have so much trouble with that stuff, but when you need it you need it! Keep up the good work and behave yourself…no jumping on the lawn mower or building fences, etc… Just feed the birds and keep on writing this blog for all of us!


  • Thanks to all three of you for the kind thoughts. These kind of events shock you into realizing that your life will always be shorter than you think. At my age, I just can’t procrastinate on things I want to do..


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