Inside The Loony Bin – What About Truth?

Banner- Looney BinThis week’s Loony Bin report is about truth. To me, the very foundations of a person is that he speaks the truth. One who regularly lies is simply not to be trusted in any regard. Without truth, there is no meaning to much of life’s interactions. I don’t think I am unusual in this regard, but given the recent presidential election, I am questioning that belief.

Taking a drone level view of the Loony Bin, I don’t really see any permanent damage that the current executive¬†branch can do to the country. What is done in the next four years can be undone in the years after that. As we are finding now, one executive order can easily overwrite another. A four-year pause in addressing global warming and other such things can be erased by future¬†administrations.

But there is one thing that can do permanent¬†damage and that is abandoning the idea of what truth means to the next generation. I pray that my words in the first paragraph¬†above are what parents tell their young children about truth. But what happens when children see truth defined differently around them? What happens when the person occupying the highest office in the world is widely known to tell very untruthful things? This is kind of like the old saying “don’t do as I do, but do as I say”. The hypocrisy¬†of that statement was not lost on many of my generation. ¬†Is the most damaging thing going on inside the beltway loony bin about truth. I kind of think it is.

To close on secondary topic, it seems that “beating a dead horse” is popular again inside the beltway. The recently pulled healthcare bill that had 17% support among our citizens is back in the works. They think that they have now blackmailed enough of the Radcons to be able to pass it in the house. I guess we will see in the coming weeks. But, of course, the Senate is another matter. I am not going to put this issue on my worry list just yet. Still a lot more saber rattling to be done by those yahoos yet.

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